There are many reasons why a landlord decides to rent off his property. Being a landlord has many rewards although it involves many duties and risks. Renting of the property can be an investment or income source. The right letting service is to find the right balance between all three factors for you and your property. You may have owned an estate or moved in with a partner and decided to rent your place. Every month we allow dozens of buildings in London and corporate residents to refer to us through our offices across London, and we work together to ensure that we get the best results for you.

Premium Estate Agency is best suited to those who are looking for the financial stability of a stationary income without participation. On other hand, our service is also best suited for a resident who is not comfortable in taking on a much larger responsibility of renting his property and take all the hassles alone. Premium Estate Agency is a part and parcel of a global network of real estate agency business. Our team oversees the entire environment and management process and monitor your legal obligations.

Our agency aims at providing a great experience for the landlords who have trusted us to make their tenancy and renting off process hassle-free. We have created a fully qualified property management team with the same principle, which aims to provide both landlords and tenants with great customer service. Whether you just need help in finding the property's right tenant or you're looking for a property agent who can manage your property, we are ready to help you. We also have a property manager whose full-time task is to administer your property day by day during the entire tenancy period.

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