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We access and store your personal data submitted through our website as per our privacy policy. The data shared and other content posted on your end on our website will be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary. The company may use the data if and when needed about the various legal aspects. In case needed on a legal ground or otherwise we have the liberty to disclose the details partially or fully to the government or other private entities, in case the later claims that there has been a breach of legal rights.


We are not accountable nor responsible for the views and opinions uploaded by our users on our website. Although, we expect that the content and details shared by your end on our website are accurate and genuine and are at par with the legal aspects of the UK. In case there is any false information or defamatory content, the company may take legal actions against you.


Although, the company is not liable for the kind of content posted on our website, yet if the authority feels that there has been a breach of policies, we have the liberty to remove the content immediately from the website. To keep up with the reputation of being the best real estate agent in your area, we ensure all possible measures to make the user experience to theist level.


Our site has specifically designed for use by the people of the UK. In case accessing our website from a different geo-location is considered illegal as per the local cyber law, the company won't be liable for that.


We may change our terms and conditions periodically and in case there has been any change in our website, the terms of uses may also be subjected to changes. You are requested to visit our website regularly to keep yourself updated regarding the latest terms of uses


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We provide a platform to connect the consumers with the business users, but we won't be liable or responsible for any damage in the case caused to either of the parties. Although, we can take strict legal actions against both of needed if there is any involvement of unlawful activity. But we are not accountable for any loss or damage caused for either of them for any technical errors like loss of credentials, device malfunctioning etc.

In case you have tried to use any automated system on our website and it has resulted in any complications, the company won't be held responsible. Moreover, we will not be responsible for accountable for any loss or damage caused by a computer virus or other technical malfunctioning.


Being one of the top-selling real estate agents in your area, Premium estate agent consider the customer feedback as extremely resourceful. Our team records customer feedback regularly and deal with them fairly and consistently to ensure we can improvise ourselves to provide the best possible service. We try to acknowledge the maximum number of customer feedback.


Cookies are small data files placed on your devices by our website to make the user experience more convenient, simple and easy. Cookies are created at the time the browsers load the website and the later sends the data to the browser to help it create the small files. These files are then stored on your device during the period you browse through the website and are kept in store for several months thereafter. Thus, cookies are designed to study the browsing pattern of an individual on a particular website and thereafter provide an extremely user-friendly experience.

Cookies usually make the user experience more convenient in the following ways:

  1. Remembers settings and other details so that you don't have to fill them every time you visit the website
  2. Remembers your searches and helps you get more customised results later on

Although a user may choose to clear cookies it may affect the functionality of the website and may retards the user experience.

The website of the Premium Estate Agent usually use the following types of cookies:

  1. Functionality cookies that help the website remember details like screen size, search types etc and thus helps us sort the right content for the users
  2. Performance cookies track the user behaviour on our website and it helps us optimise the search results for you to enhance the user experience


Before meeting any property owner, or view any property, you should check their availability and cross-check other critical details. We ensure hassle-free private house sales with no estate agent involvement. But you should also clear certain details from the seller to avoid any disappointment.

Buying or selling of any properties listed on our website is always as per the laws of the UK. We are a member of The Property Ombudsman (TPOS) and we strictly follow its code of practice.

The content and other related details available on our website are considered to be the copyright of the Premium Estate Agent only. Publishing or reproducing our content without proper consent will be considered a breach of copyright laws. This information is only for personal usage and can't be used for any financial purposes under any circumstances.


We electronically store your information but not without your consent. Being one of the best real estate agents in your area, we aim to ensure that you get the best-suited results while you look for the properties. We use cookies to understand your preferences and provide with the best results possible.


The Premium Estate Agent is obliged to be open and fair with all its customers. Thus, we ensure all our customers are well aware of how we collect data of our online users and process them to provide the best online experiences. We are also committed to ensuring maximum protection of the personal data and we strictly stick to the privacy policy. We have always followed all the rules and regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the Data Protection Act 2018. In case there is any amendment to the existing the laws, we will comply the same with our privacy policy as well.

Our database usually stores details like your name, address, contact details, area of preferences and many other things. Although, we store this information with due consent, and you may choose to not accept the cookies. Even if we store your data, we ensure that your data is never disclosed to any third party ever. We monitor your online behaviour with the help of cookies so that we can send you updates related to your search activities from time to time.

Although, the privacy policy may be intended to be exhaustive and may be subjected to changes as per the contemporary rules and regulations.


To ensure you get the possible services related to private house sell with no estate agent involvement, we process your data and also update your records timely. We ensure absolute data protection so that you are always safe from any kinds of monetary frauds. Our data storage process is always as per the current data protection laws and regulations. Our data storage ensures both our customers and us have zero or minimal exposure to any threats or risks, yet we can run our business most efficiently.

To provide proper guidance and help you with sorting the best-suited property, we may monitor your emails, messages and other forms of related communication. We hold absolute accountability in managing and auditing our business operations to ensure the best possible governance.

While we collect the data for our legitimate interest, we also ensure that these are used properly while addressing your complaints and grievances. We utilise them to improve our services and manage our brands.

Since we provide you with the freedom to choose which data to share, you may even choose to withdraw consent at any moment. Thus, based on your preferences, we will have the liberty to collect and store data. Although, if you ever choose to change your mind and withdraw consent, we may fail to provide you with the customised services and search results.


The data we collect ad store is predominantly used for providing services in the UK and the data sharing won’t go beyond the country. We have tie-ups with only a few third party companies from other countries like Google. We have a contractual agreement with these companies to safeguard your data as per the standards and regulations of GDPR.


We usually collect and store the following kinds of personal data and other related information:

  1. Information you shared with us through our website or over the calls or emails.
  2. Information we received from your end while you used our services
  3. Information you shared with us while you electronically signed an agreement
  4. Information shared while doing anti-money laundering, financial and credit checks
  5. Security-related data and information related to the access of our systems and applications
  6. Any other personal information sent to us and data shared with us on various legal aspects.

We only disclose your personal as and when needed and only if it is as per the privacy policies of our company and the agreement between our company and the customers. We can disclose data only under the following circumstances:

  1. As an effort to improve our existing services and give you a better experience
  2. To third parties mentioned in our privacy policies who process the data to provide a better user experience.
  3. To any regulator, external auditor or applicable body or court where we are bound to do so by law or regulation or as part of any investigation.
  4. To other central or local government department and other statutory or public bodies, such as HMRC.
  5. When we are legally bound to share the data to any public authority
  6. For the sake of establishing, exercising or defending our legal rights if and when needed.


While we use and store your data, you also have certain rights ensured related to your data. You are subjected to the following data rights:

  1. Get adequate information on our end about the data processing
  2. Objecting to process your data and even restrict processing
  3. Rectify and modify your data in case they are incorrect
  4. Removing your data from our storage
  5. Access the data stored by us


We usually retain your data for a certain period. For how long the data will be retained is based on various criteria. These include:

  1. In case you have raised a query, then we will retain your data till the time your query has been resolved from our end.
  2. Based on various legal and regulatory requirement we may have to retain your data even after our contract has ended.
  3. If you bring any legal claims against us, we will have to retain your data. In that case, as long as there is a chance you can bring a legal claim.


We are not liable for any practices employed by any third-party websites, which are linked to our website. Our privacy policies won’t be valid for those third-party websites as they have their own set of policies.