Sometimes renting a house can be complicated as well as equally frustrating, especially if you have been involved in renting properties previously. We at Premium Estate Agency do all we can to ensure that the process is as stress-free and quick as possible for the tenants. We understand your needs as a tenant and realise how important it is to find your ideal property to make your stay comfortable and affordable as much as possible. This includes your leasing budget, the date you must move around the property type and size you need, etc. By using our registration link online, you can inform us about all your requirements by contacting us at Contact Us


We will then be able to access all properties which correspond to your needs with a clear understanding of your requirements. We have numerous landlords to deal with. For many years some of them were with us so we know their requirements. We ensure that tenants find the right kind of properties successfully. If you want our team can even have a detailed discussion with you on how much you can afford to pay every month and take that into account when applying for the property. If you have concerns, our local agent will be glad to discuss with you. We will check on your behalf for affordability and inform you if there are any questions. In case needed, we will ask a guarantor for you. This is a person who guarantees payment on your behalf if you cannot pay the rent for any reason at any time.


We usually accompany and carry out all views of the property and the landlord may not be present all the time. In some situations, a landlord can give us certain times for viewing, even if we ask them to be flexible. We typically maintain keys and usually have access to properties that match your needs to the best possible extent. You must ensure that everyone participates in the decisions on the property to save time in the long run. If the property is appropriate for you do not delay your offer as it can be secured for someone else to leave on the same day! You need to pay the deposit to take the property off the market while we check and consult the landlord when making an offer.


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